Line for production of composite bars and reinforcement


Line for production of composite bars and reinforcement

Petroleum – Trading  Company is a direct developer and manufacturer of the line for the production of composite bars and reinforcement.

Key indicators of the production line for the composite polymer reinforcement production:

Line length: 20 meters;

Line width: 0.8 meters;

Power consumption in operating mode: does not exceed 20 kW;

Available diameters: 4 to 32 mm;

Line performance: 3,600,000 linear meters per year;

Operating staff: 1 person.


Requirements for the production premises:

Recommended length of the premises: from 40 m;

Recommended requirements for premises: installation of ventilation, providing air exchange, dust – and smoke extraction.


Complex services for the production organization:

Specialists training

Installation supervision

Commissioning works

The release of the first batch under the control of Petroleum – Trading  Company specialists

Guidelines for choosing of raw materials suppliers

Warranty Service